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Patricia has spent the last 15 years helping families find the house that feels like home. She started her real estate career with Windemere Real Estate Group in Las Vegas and attended the Windemere University for Real Estate. With a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Texas and her MBA in Marketing and Finance from ECU, Patricia negotiates contracts and markets properties very effectively.

A Goldsboro Resident Since 2010

As a military wife for 20 years, Patricia has lived all over the world. When her husband Mark, an F-15E pilot (call sign BITE), retired they decided to stay in Goldsboro, NC. Their love for the area as well as Patricia's successful real estate business made Goldsboro the perfect home for Patricia, Mark and their son Alec.

As part of the top 1% Real Estate Agents in all of Wayne County since 2002, Patricia is an integral part of the community. 

Patricia's Approach


Are you a buyer or a seller? 

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When Buying A New Home...

You want a house that just feels right. Patricia knows how to find it. Having lived in Goldsboro, NC for 10 years, and with 16 years of real estate experience in the area, Patricia knows every neighborhood. After learning your preferences and absolute necessities, she will help you find the perfect home for your lifestyle. 

Once you find a home, you'll find that Patricia is excellent at negotiations. She has an eye for detail and will negotiate any repairs needed prior to closing the sale. Her great 'chasing' skills make for a smooth closing. 

...But As A Seller

There's much to prepare. Patricia works with each seller to assess the home before listing. She determines a fair home price, proposing repairs and updates that will help achieve the best price possible without leaving any money on the table. She has connections to the best vendors in the area and is an outstanding negotiator - always keeping her clients' needs and budget in mind. 

As someone who has moved around often, Patricia does everything she can to make the process as smooth as possible. She will coordinate repairs, staging and photography. In addition to hosting Open Houses, your listing will receive full social media exposure including a Facebook live tour of the home - helping you increase your reach and limit the amount of time your home is on the market. 

When Working With Military Families

Patricia specializes in working with military families because of her own personal experiences. She herself moved several times due to her husband Mark's career as an F-15E Pilot (call sign BITE). The service she received from real estate agents was disappointing, making fast transitions much more difficult than they needed to be. 

During her move from England to Las Vegas, Patricia found that real estate agents were not very responsive. Instead, they'd tell her to call them when she arrived and they would help her then. 

What Patricia wanted was someone who would take a real interest in finding her family a good home that met their criteria. 

She wanted the agent to send her possible homes in Las Vegas, tell her about the market and block out time so she and her husband could spend the first three days stateside looking at houses until they finally found a home. 

Someone who would show her comparable sales once they did locate the right home, so they could determine how much to offer. Someone who would negotiate on their behalf. 

And after going in contract, she wanted someone who would recommend good inspectors and get the sellers to make the necessary repairs. Someone who would stay on top of the listing agent, the lender and the Title company in order to guarantee a smooth closing on time. 

Patricia started her real estate career in 2004, after moving from Lakenheath, England to Nellis, Las Vegas. Her agency fills every gap that she personally experienced. 

At The Patricia Fritzinger Real Estate Group you can feel at ease knowing that you're working with a real estate agent who understands your needs first hand.

What Patricia's Clients Are Saying

Mitchell D.

Three weeks before we had to sell and move out of the state, we emailed Patricia Fritzinger and got a call back immediately! I appreciate the quick responses to my questions, putting me at ease throughout the process. Patricia sent one of her agents, Teresa Honeycutt. Teresa is friendly,  helpful, patient, and knowledgeable with all of our questions. When we moved and left the house. she took such bright and welcoming pictures of the house which she used to advertise online by the afternoon. On the same day by night time, she informed us that we already had multiple people who will see the place on Sunday. By Monday. we had multiple offers and was able to pick an offer by Tuesday. Teresa made the appointment to replace the carpet and repair what was needed, In a month, we closed on the house. Teresa made our home selling an exciting and less stress move.

Rebecca R. 

Working with Patricia and her team (Teresa, specifically) was amazing. This was our second time using Patricia and we cannot imagine working with a different team. We needed to both buy a house and sell an existing one and as luck would have it we started the process right at the beginning of the pandemic. Talk about a stressful time, right? To make matters worse, the house we were trying to sell was a disaster from a series of negligent tenants. Another complicating factor was that we had just about 3 days to make an offer on a home before we needed to head back to Kansas where we were currently living. All of these things add up to an incredibly stressful time. Patricia and Teresa were incredibly patient with us at each and every step. We relied on them probably more than the average home buyer/seller and yet never once did we feel like we were a burden. Our questions were always answered with as much insight as possible despite the fact that this was a crazy time (thank you very much, COVID). I would highly recommend using Patricia and her team to either buy or sell a home in the Goldsboro area. You will have a wonderful team on your side when you need it the most.


I’d like to say a big thank you to Patricia and her team for helping us with the sale of our Goldsboro, North Carolina home. Two years ago we were looking to rent, and when breaking down the numbers it made so much more sense to buy, even if it meant breaking even on the home when we sold (as we’d be saving money over renting). She helped us with both the purchase and sale of the home and we had multiple offers within days of putting it on the market. We’ve officially sold the home, and even profited on it after living in it for only two years. As a military family who constantly moves, we are thankful for not having to waste money on rent and for two years living in a wonderful home. If you’re moving to Goldsboro area and are on the fence about buying/renting, I highly encourage you to contact Patricia. The constant communication and hard work from her team did not go unnoticed. Thanks again!

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